Team Sahoja | May 15

5 Easy Wellness Habits to Add to Your Quarantine Lifestyle

In mitigating the spread of COVID-19, and practicing social distancing, the need for self care and a focus on personal wellness is more crucial than ever. Making sure to practice good wellness habits now will help deal with the financial, mental and physical health-related obstacles that have accompanied the pandemic.

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Here are five positive habits to sprinkle into your safer at home lifestyle that will help enhance your overall wellness: 


1. Explore the Outdoors 

In most cases, the great outdoors hasn’t been shut down during the pandemic. There’s of course the need to be careful with where you visit while also abiding by all social distancing protocols to keep your community safe. With safety considered, enjoying some fresh air is a great way to pass the time. 

Studies show that getting outdoors is vital to your health, even  when faced with the pandemic.    

There are both mental and physical benefits attributed to time spent outdoors. Namely, exposing yourself to nature provides a boost in mood, an increase in cognitive functions, and an  enhanced immune system


2. Write in Your Journal 

Given the anxiety caused by the virus and the damage done, psychological scholars  suggest journaling could be integral to getting through the quarantine.  


Because just getting your feelings down on paper can help internal experiences become more tangible. Creating a more concrete narrative of your life lets you organize your thoughts, examine a variety of perspectives, and explore what you’re going through. 


3. On-Demand Exercise 

With many gyms not operating during COVID-19, this once sanctuary of personal growth and wellness is currently a risk to our health. For many, adjusting exercise routines is tricky, with the limitations of where and how you can train.  

Modern technology provides us a great answer to closed gyms and studios, and it’s in the form of on-demand exercise  that provides practical, effective fitness solutions, no matter where you are. 

If you’ve yet to embark on an exercise regime, now might be the best time to start. It can bolster your immune system  while drastically  improving your mood


4. Spend Some Time in the Kitchen 

Cooking comes with  an array of emotional benefits. In fact, there are programs around the world where time in the kitchen is a therapeutic treatment. During the COVID-19 quarantine, make sure to take time to cook more, learn some healthy recipes and sharpen up your skills.  

While you’ll likely be eating healthier and gaining confidence in the kitchen, more than anything, cooking can provide a rewarding calm during a turbulent time that has been quite unrewarding.  


5. Discover Meditation 

The most concise way to describe the plusses of meditation is that it helps you achieve a centered balance. While, that doesn’t mean it’ll make your problems and anxieties evaporate into thin air, meditation can give you the mental tools to remain present and maintain a sense of calm in a time of despair. 

There’s anecdotal evidence of meditation being vital during the pandemic.One couple even cites  this practice strengthening its marriage while dealing with the quarantine. 


Giving these five habits a try and introducing a little more wellness into your daily life can be rewarding for your mind and body, especially while daily life is so disrupted. What habits have you picked up during this time at home? Connect with us by joining Sahoja and let us know.