Team Sahoja | November 17

Currency of Kindness

Sahoja has a unique reward system where a member can earn points by joining, by using our social media platform or by purchasing goods and services on the Sahoja marketplace. 10,000 points are worth $10. Earned points can be used to get discounts in the marketplace, donated to charities or redeemed for cash.

sahoja-value-of-points v2 Nov 17 2020Sahoja is a community build on generosity and we make it happen through our own currency that promotes kindness. Points are the currency of Sahoja eco system. They are the lubricant that makes the system work.

One means of eliminating financial inequality in the world is to open the company's ownership to all who are part of the company eco system – employees, management, investors, vendors and everyone else who interacts with the corporation.

Sahoja members can become shareholders and owners through the Crowdfunding (CF) mechanism explained in the last newsletter.

Equity Crowd Funding - Instagram-1

Crowdfunding (Regulation CF) permits individual investors, over a 12-month period, to invest up to $2,200 or 5% of the unaccredited investors net worth or yearly income if they make less than $107,000 per year.

Until recently, a small company like Sahoja could sell shares of up to $1.07m in a year. But now companies through Regulation CF can raise up to $5 million, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced recently.