Team Sahoja | April 20

Earth Day at Home

Celebrated annually on April 22, Earth Day will look decidedly different this year than in years past. Many of us are stuck inside at a time where we’d be enjoying our greenspaces, participating in organized service projects and attending outdoor events. And although current circumstances may not allow for the same kinds of activities we are used to, we all have an opportunity this Earth Day to make small positive changes in our behavior that make a positive impact. We asked a few members of team Sahoja to share with us their plans for observing Earth Day this year and how they’re making greener choices every day.  

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“I installed a rain barrel over the weekend, so my family is collecting rainwater to water our vegetable garden and plants.” - Anil R. 

Our family is observing Earth Day over the weekend - we're going to minimize our usage of electricity - keep lights off for as long as possible (until it's a hazard and we can't see our way around the house at night!) and find non-electronic activities. Our ideas thus far are hang around in the backyard, garden, toss a frisbee, play boardgames and musical instruments and spend time just talking. 

We're also planning on eating only foods that don't require any extra energy to make them. No stoves, microwaves, ovens, just things like salads and sandwiches. And while we are doing this for Earth Day, these efforts should also help lower our rising energy usage now that we are spending so much time at home.” - Stephanie P.  

“We’re taking this opportunity to implement small, sustainable changes – like turning the hot water heater down five degrees.” - John B  

“This Earth Day we are eating vegetarian all day to reduce our carbon footprint.” - Karen P.   


“During Earth week my family has been cutting back our paper usage as much as possible but many of us create artwork on a number of paper-based mediums. Two ways we've been doing that are using hemp canvases processed on our family’s farm for painting and restricting paper usage to PEFC certified sustainable paper ( embed link” - Michael G.   

“This Earth Day I am going to learn to make homemade dog treats from sustainable ingredients for my two pups. I am planning to puree a few dog-friendly vegetable scraps as a base for the treats and use up other ingredients and turn them into something delicious for my furry friends to enjoy.” - Megan R.


Our medium-term goal is to minimize garbage and maximize recyclable products. For this my family is committing to reading all packages properly and sorting them into the recycling bin so we make sure to dispose of them correctly. - Sanjeev V. 

This Earth Day our goal is to do even more composting. We’re starting with getting our hot bin composter going, which has not been working since we purchased it over a year ago so that it can compost our garden and kitchen waste fast. - Raj R. 

“Earth Day and throughout the year I will promote recycling to everyone in my household as some family members use a lot of plastic water bottles!" - Sandy M.