Rajesh Rai - Cofounder | March 2

Help End Suffering of Children in the World’s Largest Humanitarian Disaster

Sahoja cannot close it eyes to the suffering of children in the world’s largest humanitarian disaster, especially when two of the eight Causes that Sahoja supports is the Rights of Children and Poverty Alleviation. 

Sahoja will be helping Save the Children raise funds for its Yemen Crisis appeal, through Sahoja’s points donation system.  

  • 50,000 points could pay for enough water purification tablets for a family for a month
  • 74,000 points could provide a displaced family with basic food commodities for a whole month
  • 230,000 points could pay for the treatment of one child with severe acute malnutrition

You can also sign a petition to end the war in Yemen.

There has been a brutal civil war taking place in Yemen over the last 6 years in which almost a quarter of a million people have died, and this conflict has intensified this year. These deaths also include those from lack of food, health services and infrastructure.

In November 2020, the UN’s Secretary General warned that Yemen was in “imminent danger of the worst famine the world has seen for decades,” and the head of the UN’s children’s fund said the country was facing “an imminent catastrophe”.

Roughly 80% of Yemen’s population require humanitarian aid, including over 12 million children. Four UN agencies warned that as many as 2.3 million children under the age of 5 are projected to suffer from acute malnutrition in 2021.

The Executive Director of the United Nations World Health Programme said,

“These numbers are yet another cry for help from Yemen where each malnourished child also means a family struggling to survive.”

“The crisis in Yemen is a toxic mix of conflict, economic collapse and a severe shortage of funding to provide the lifesaving help that’s desperately needed. But there is a solution to hunger, and that’s food and an end to the violence. If we act now, then there is time to end the suffering of Yemen’s children”.

Let’s help end the suffering of Yemen’s children. If you are already a member of Sahoja, please donate your points here. If you are not currently a member, join now and Sahoja will give you 10,000 points today (that’s a $10 value) which you can immediately donate to the Yemen project. We also have a Referral Program – for every person you refer to Sahoja, you will receive an additional free 10,000 points (that’s another $10 value), and because the person you refer also receives 10,000 points, that’s another $10 value. So if you refer 5 people, you’ll have 50,000 to donate to the Yemen project yourself. Please help us fund this project. We need your help. Sign up, refer others, and donate your points today.