Team Sahoja | April 27

Help Us Build A Better World—Together!

Here at Sahoja, our shared longing to live a more connected, more meaningful life is changing the choices we make, both on- and offline, including: 

• the kind of company we keep,
• the networks we build,
• the way we spend our time,
• the companies we choose to buy our products and services from,
• the social and environmental causes that we care about,
• and the charities we join forces with to make an impact on those causes.

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Now it’s time to take our choices to the next level. That’s why Sahoja is building a groundbreaking platform to help you, your fellow members, and an inspiring network of companies and charities build a better world together.   

In a nutshell: Sahoja helps you spread kindness to people and the planet through the purchases you make, the causes you support, and the community you create with us. 


Good Products 

Whether you’re looking for immune-boosting herbs, yoga leggings that keep plastic out of the ocean, or chocolate from a company that creates jobs for farmers in Cameroon, our Mindful Marketplace makes it easy for you to use wallet to make the world a better place. Sahoja’s merchants are carefully curated based on universal values of sharing and giving, so you know you’re buying conscious goods and services from businesses you can trust.  

Good Causes 
We curate some of the most inspiring social and environmental projects on the planet—and make it easy for you to support them. If your passion is planting trees, building eco-houses for the poorest families in the world, or helping people through the coronavirus crisis, we’ve got a project that will tug at your heart. We’ve vetted every nonprofit we work with to ensure that they abide by the highest standards of transparency, generosity and impact. 

Good People 

Via our soon-to-be-launched social media platform, you can make meaningful connections and have thoughtful conversations with other members of Sahoja’s community, who, like you, are stewards of people and the planet. Together, you can team up to make a bigger impact on the causes that you care about. 


Your Voice Matters 

We believe in the universal values of sharing and giving,” says Sahoja’s co-founder and president Rajesh Rai. And we’ve built our platform around these values.” 

We hope you’ll think of Sahoja as your guidance system for creating a more meaningful life—and a more conscious, kind and connected world.  

“A lot of people want to make a difference, but they don’t know how,” says Rajesh. Sahoja makes it easy. Simply download Sahoja’s app, choose the interests and causes you care about, and we’ll recommend companies and nonprofits that share your values. Then, every donation you make, and every dollar you spend, is “a vote for a better future.” 

“Your voice matters, and you can make a difference,” says Rajesh. As Sahoja builds momentum, we can use our collective knowledge, influence and economic power to spread kindness to people and the planet. And together, we can amplify our impact on the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time, from global poverty to the coronavirus crisis to deforestation. 


Join Us—And Become a Force for Change 


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We hope you’re as excited as we are about Sahoja. See you soon!