Team Sahoja | December 11

How We Will Achieve the Sahoja Vision

Every great leader, and every great organization has a vision for what they want the future to look like. That’s how leaders lead: by constantly and consistently communicating their vision to their audiences. Bill Gates’ vision was “a personal computer on every desk.” Reed Hastings' vision for Netflix was "to become the best global entertainment distribution service." Elon Musk’s vision for Tesla is to “drive the world's transition to electric vehicles.” All great organizations have a vision — a big, and typically bold vision — for how they want the world to look. Sahoja is not any different. We are at the very beginning of our vision of 100% positive social media engagement


Our Gigantic, Bold Vision

Think about Sahoja’s vision for a moment: 100% positive social media engagement. Now consider the negativity that currently dominates the social media landscape. There is a great divide between the present situation and the Sahoja vision for the future of social media.

But that is the definition of a “vision”: a view of things that is dramatically different from how things are today. In 1976, the year Bill Gates started Microsoft, a computer cost millions of dollars and wouldn’t fit in your kitchen. In 1994, we didn’t trust the internet enough to give it our home address, much less our credit card information. And electric cars were the stuff The Jetsons were made of.

It takes a gigantic vision to inspire, create, and lead change.


The Path to Making the Vision Come True

The question is, “how do you get there?” The overly simplistic answer is “one step at a time.” That’s true for any change, no matter how big or small. For Sahoja, the first step towards the vision was a recognition of the problem.

Social media took the world by storm in the second decade of the 21st century, mainly as a mechanism for keeping up with old friends and quickly connecting with new friends. Technological advancements such as getting ‘likes’ turned sharing with others into a competition, and it didn’t take long for the conversations on social media sites to turn negative. The focus became about garnering attention rather than sharing, and the very technology which was originally created to connect us is quickly driving us apart. 

That’s the problem.

What if we put thousands of people in a (virtual) room together, gave them incentives and rewards for positive engagement, and then gave them a purpose? And by “purpose”, we don’t mean ‘to discuss this or that’. By “purpose”, we mean to change the world. Like Elon, Bill, and Jeff have changed the world, but even better. When individuals join one another with a purpose, we are stronger together.

That’s how we will achieve our vision. We will create an Internet environment that gives participants a purpose — a positive purpose — and rewards them for engaging positively.

Will you join us?

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