Team Sahoja | September 2

Project Update: Appalachian Tree Planting Complete

With our support, impact partner One Tree Planted (OTP) planted a total of 30,600 trees on 41 acres of land in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. Degraded by surface (coal) mining practices in the 1970’s and 80’s, the soil was severely compacted and colonized by aggressive, non-native ground cover. Once the invasive species were removed, OTP planted a variety of native species to form an ecologically appropriate shortleaf pine-upland oak forest community. Those species were: white oak, chestnut oak, northern red oak, black oak, shortleaf pine, black cherry, American chestnut, sycamore, silky dogwood, black gum, persimmon, yellow poplar, American hazelnut, eastern redbud, black locust, and American plum.

Part of a larger effort to restore surface-mined lands in the Cumberland River Watershed, this project improves water quality by slowing infiltration rates, reducing erosion, and increasing water storage. The diverse mix of seedlings will provide food for wildlife and pollen for honeybees — and reduce the fragmentation of songbird and other wildlife habitat. It will also sequester an impressive am

ount of carbon — because mined soils have little to no remaining organic carbon, they can act as carbon sinks for decades.

The full project report can be found here.

Since our inception, the Sahoja community has successfully supported One Tree Planted in its reforestation efforts in Pennsylvania, the Appalachia Region, California, and the Pacific Northwest. 

Thank you for your support!