Rajesh Rai | June 3

Why Sahoja?

A message from the co-founder.


Why Sahoja?


Sahoja is building a network of like-minded people who can interact on Sahoja’s three platforms:

  • social media, 
  • a mindful marketplace made up of ethical vendors and 
  • a nonprofit impact platform promoting projects changing the world. 

Sahoja means stronger together and our business model is built around this idea. 



Because we asked questions; why can’t we work together to make our world a better place and be rewarded when we do? Why can’t we all interact with people and be a part of a community who believe they can help make the world a better place? Why can’t we buy from a marketplace that has adopted principles of integrity and why can’t we help the projects of nonprofits, simply by buying from a marketplace and promoting values based on doing good on a digital platform?


The values Sahoja promote are the core of our platform: 

  • Embracing Diversity
  • Transparency            
  • Positive Impact      
  • Relevance                   
  • Generosity

Sahoja has made a personal commitment to support the work of non- profits. We are giving 10,000 points to each of the first 10,000 members that join Sahoja. These 10,000 welcome points have a cash equivalency of $10 and can be donated to projects of non-profits on our platform. 


Projects of nonprofits are categorised under one of the eight causes that Sahoja supports on its platform: 

  • Peace and well Being
  • Education
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Rights of Children 
  • Community Building
  • Sustainability
  • Natural World

Why are we doing this?

More and more, the digital age has increasingly dominated our lives. 

I recall the first time I used a computer in 1991, I was 24yrs of age. The first time I owned a mobile phone in 1994, I was 27yrs of age. The first time I used the internet in 1997, I was 30. The nineties saw Britpop come and go, my marriage, the birth of both my children but also saw the dawning of the digital era (what a decade). 

The digital era has come of age with the COVID pandemic.

A recent McKinsey report concluded that in 8 weeks we have vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption because of the pandemic. 

“Banks have transitioned to remote sales and service teams and launched digital outreach to customers to make flexible payment arrangements for loans and mortgages. Grocery stores have shifted to online ordering and delivery as their primary business. Schools in many locales have pivoted to 100 percent online learning and digital classrooms. Doctors have begun delivering telemedicine, aided by more flexible regulation. Manufacturers are actively developing plans for “lights out” factories and supply chains. The list goes on.”


Sahoja believes that as digital platforms continue to dominate our lives, these platforms should not forget the basics of human life - our humanity. 

Sahoja values are inspired by yoga’s universal values; they are called the “yamas”; non-violence, truth, non-stealing, continence, non-possessiveness. The yamas guide our relationships with the world around us. 

We have applied the “yamas” so they are relevant on a digital platform. It is said the “yamas” are not affected by factors of class, peace, time and circumstance. They have universal application – this means, even in a digital universe they have application.

This is the reason for Sahoja. To represent humanness in the era of the digital universe. 

Rajesh Rai